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Pretty Special

I was wondering young Teshla was getting on - it turns out you've been making some really good stuff! This is probably my favourite for its artistic direction. Really big fan of the artwork and stylistic approach - keep it up!

Another excellent 'Blockhead'!

I really love your work - so effortlessly you seem to move the characters and with a delightful charm you apply humour to the series. I have no doubt you will continue to make quality 'Blockhead's and good luck with all your animations. I know as a Flash animator/programmer the effort it takes to produce something like this; so well done!

~ The guys at SCPUK.

The-Swain responds:

And I did the whole thing in a week, too! But that was after numerous script toss-outs, and I worked 30 hours straight from Monday afternoon to Tuesday night without a break just to get it done. That's what I call "power animating", haha.

Good work...

Cool movie... I remember the one from last year and I'm glad you did a kinda 'flashback' one-year-later thingy. Pretty funny too :) The reference to 'Saw' was cleverly implemented in as well - overall an enjoyable movie.

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Another quality project!

Brilliant artwork. Smooth gameplay and easy to use controls. Well done again my friend, and I look forward to your next project :)

Great Work!

Really well put together game with awesome animation work for the intro and ending. The game is addictive but the controls do get a little frustrating, although you get used to it as you progress.

Well done guys!

The best game I have played this year.

Before I start on the gameplay, the graphics and style were absolutely superb. Highly original and really, really well put together, and the game play was smooth, no lagging or problems with controls. Also, it's great that it's not too long and I was able to complete it and enjoy the satisfaction of having done that.

Keep making games like this, because this is a game I would be very proud of.

Barno, SCPUK.

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